About Me

Hello: I am Rip Oldmeadow. Welcome to my blog. I am Australian born and proud of being an Aussie. I was born in Brisbane, Queensland. I came to America in 1993 on a walkabout, and fell in love with the people and life style in America. I am now a resident living in Kona, on the big island of Hawaii, where I have been for the last nine years. Charleston South Carolina is also my home and where my heart lies. You may want to ask me how I came upon Charleston… Not realizing Charleston was the Bible Belt, as well as the Holy City having more churches on one street than trees. My walkabout was to find truth and love. It all started in the fall of 1995 when I found Seacoast Christian Community Church. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in December. At that time I was at a cross roads in my life. It seemed that Seacoast Church had the answers to my questions and for the first time in my life I saw unconditional love, and taught me what is to be a man of character with integrity.

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My Mission

I have found that in my walk in Christ, I don’t have to tell people of my faith. They see it and believe if I walk in love, I allow that to shine with positive energy & amp; sooner than later people are drawn to this
love where I can then share it when they ask why I am the way I am. I don’t believe in Christ because a church told me to or because I think it is right. I believe in Christ because I ask him directly serious questions from my heart and He answers. I believe when you spend time with God daily, the closer you become in the relationship.
Seeing God work in his ways brings me to tears. Where as once I was lost, now I see.

My Purpose

Is to keep the people I’ve met in my travels, friends and loved ones, updated on my journey and
To motivate, encourage and inspire with a positive attitude.

I’ve met many people on my journey. I am very focused on my goals this year and cannot keep up with all the calls and e-mails as I would like. As you may know, I am a man of faith and always want to follow through in what I say. It becomes very difficult to do when training is intense and my body does not recover from the punishment I put it through. I’m extremely fortunate to have people in my life who care and believe in my Dream with me.

I have now been a Christian for thirteen years and I am not religious but very spiritual. I believe we all serve the same God, and that God is love. With that being said I love life, people and hunger for knowledge. I hope that my blog can reach out and touch you in a way to help you grow to be a better person.