Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LoToJa A Look Back on 206 miles of riding.

September 11th. 2010.

A day never to be forgotten by any American or Resident of the USA who lived through 911, 2001.
I know we all know what we were doing exactly on this day in 01, I was in Steamboat Springs living with my good friend Ian Cox ( Englishman) living in the boat for over 30 yrs now and a great training partner for the bike. 911, A sad day and yet a Victory to see how one country yet torn apart by Politics, corruption, Fame & Immigration comes together on this Special Day and moves forward. A true sign of leadership and growth for America and the rest of the World

This day was not onIt was 35 degree's at  3:50 am, I awoke without any alarm clock. Sleeping 6 hrs or just under but very sound sleep and well rested. Felt very relaxed as I was unaware what to expect on this day.
It was an adventure, asked by good Friend John who was hit just recently by a car while riding his bike. Thank God John can live to tell his story and left the accident with stitches in his elbow, and a hip that has not stopped hurting ever since that day.

We left on Friday around 3pm from Salt Lake City to Logan Utah. I was traveling with Tammy & John Drury & staying at the Hotel as John has done this race Logan Utah to Jackson Wyoming, 206 miles,
 six times now so his experience was key.

The LOTOJA race is scheduled the first Saturday in September, After Labor Day.
In a typical year, 85% will cross the line of its 3,000 riders as well relay Teams of 4-5 riders.
Average Age is 40 yrs old,
Over 400 course and neutral support volunteers help on race day, approx 100 are radio operators.
Mens Course Record 9:02:52 (2009). This year the record was 9:01:?? (2010).
Woman's Course Record : Tiffany Mainor, Las Vagas, NV 9:55:06 (2006)...
Its estimated 10,000 to 15,000 calories will be burned per racing cyclist.
Since 1983 , 2:3 million miles have been pedal by LOTOJA cyclist.

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